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Become An Exhibitor at Guitar Show Denmark

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Who can be an Exhibitor at Guitar Show Denmark

Why become an Exhibitor at Guitar Show Denmark

When you choose to exhibit at Guitar Show Denmark, you get a unique opportunity to meet new and old customers face to face. The internet and online shops can do a lot, but they can never replace the physical interaction and the unique experience musicians get from seeing, touching, and trying out instruments and gear in person.

As an exhibitor at Guitar Show Denmark, you help keep the physical connection between people alive and strengthen the social bond among all of us who love guitars, basses, and all the awesome gear that comes with our shared passion. As an exhibitor, you make a difference for our industry and community.

Sell? Really!

When was the last time you had 1000 customers in your store, in a single weekend? The vast majority of exhibitors sell goods during the fair. Do you not have your own card payment etc. can the staff at the fair help with that.

HOT TIP: Clean up the inventory and make great trade show offers. It’s a sure hit with guests, and every year exhibitors capitalize on dead stock that way.

See, try, touch - buy and sell!

The guests at the fair really want to see, try and buy your things. Danish guitarists and bassists are mature enough to buy other than mass-produced instruments and equipment.

In the “Custommade niche”, it is extra important for the customer to be able to see, touch and try to play. No beautiful pictures on the web can replace that experience. Instruments are expensive and being able to look people in the eye creates trust.
At the fair, many people pass your stand. Therefore, Guitar Show Denmark is a very good place to present your instruments and your art of instrument building. The same applies if you make pedals or other equipment.

For repairers, the fair is also a good place to get in touch with new customers. A personal relationship is often what determines to whom a musician entrusts his girlfriend’s property to when it needs the hand of an expert repairman. At the fair, you can show examples of your craft. Working workshops are a hit at the fair.

Frequently asked questions

How much are entrance tickets?

Pre-sale: 180 DKK incl. fee for both days
At the door: 150 DKK per day.
When you buy a ticket, it is valid for both days.

MobilePay and Card Payment can be used at the entrance.

Pre-sale for ticket starts 1/8-2024

What are the exhibition opening hours?

Guitar Show Denmark opening hours:

  • Saturday 10:00 to 18:00
  • Sunday 10:00 to 17:00

Does it cost extra to watch clinics?

Some clinics may cost extra, but otherwise all clinics are free for visitors to the exhibition.
There are no numbered seats in the clinic room and seats cannot be reserved.

Due to sound rehearsals, the doors will not open until immediately before each clinic.

There may be other types of events, such as Masterclasses, where you need to register and pay a fee to participate.

How do I find the exhibition venue?

Guitar Show Denmark is in Odense Koncerthus.

Address: Claus Bergs Gade 9, 5000 Odense

Guest at the exhibition

As a guest at Guitar Show Denmark, we ask you to follow our few rules when visiting the exhibition.

When trying out equipment, please remember that this is a ‘Silent’ exhibition. You are allowed to try out equipment briefly and at moderate volume, but we ask you to be considerate of both other exhibitors and other guests.
If the exhibition staff ask you to turn down or stop, we ask you to respect this.
We want being at the exhibition to be a great experience for everyone.

As a guest, you are allowed to bring in instruments or equipment if it is to make a barter with an exhibitor. However, it is not allowed to bring in instruments or equipment to try to sell it to exhibitors or other guests.

Sales are for exhibitors only
If you have instruments or equipment you would like to sell, please register as an exhibitor here. For private individuals, several people are allowed to share a stand. See more in the rules for exhibitors here.

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This is also where we keep in daily contact with our many followers and guests at the show.

Guitar Show Denmark

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Præstemarksvej 8
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Exhibitor contact

Stefan Mørk

+45 21 202 202